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Terms of Service

We at eLearnPOSH.com (a product of Succeed Technologies Private Limited) are totally committed to simplify Compliance for organizations and enable them to create safe and respectful workplaces. The POSH Act requires Organizations with over 10 employees to constitute an Internal Committee and include an Independent External Member in the committee. To that end, we have added the “External Member Directory” section to the eLearnPOSH.com portal. This section aims to bring Organizations and External Members together in a common platform, making it easy for the Organizations to find External Members.

This External Member functionality is completely FREE of cost for both Organizations and External Members registered in the portal. We do not charge either party any referral fee, commission, listing fee, convenience fee or any other charge of similar nature.

For External Members
This Referral / Listing Service is ABSOLUTELY FREE of COST

eLearnPOSH.com gives all aspiring and current External Members, the platform to showcase their credentials to Organizations looking for an External Member. This service is completely FREE of cost. eLearnPOSH.com does NOT act as a “middleman” and does NOT charge anything from you in the form of registration fees or commission. eLearnPOSH.com does not in any way influence the selection process of External Members and is not responsible for payments from Organizations to External Members. Based on their Account’s Privacy settings, Organizations may reach out to the external members directly. The External Members should engage with them directly regarding their fees, services, and payments.

The Registered user agrees to the publication of feedback and ratings about their services from organizations who took their services, even though the feedback may be critical or insulting and the Seller waives all rights against eLearnPOSH.com or SUCCEED TECHNOLOGIES in respect of any liability in connection with the publication of such comments about the Member. Should an Organization’s user post inappropriate, untrue or dishonest comments about the Member or their Services, the Member should use the contact details on the website to report them and eLearnPOSH will investigate their claim. It will be at the reasonable discretion of eLearnPOSH as to whether the feedback should be removed.

Data Privacy

We, at eLearnPOSH.com, respect your privacy. We protect your information and give you full control over the data you share with us.

Under the Privacy section of your profile, you have the ability to control the display of your phone or email to the visitors. While the visitors may still contact you through the Message button, your details will not be revealed to the user.

We do NOT share your information with anyone or organizations outside this portal for any other purpose other than listing on the portal and to contact you and complete the verification.

How will we use your information?

We may use this information to contact you by email to:

  Provide updates on the new features added to the External Members section of the portal.
  Keep you updated on business opportunities.
  Enhance/optimise user experience, data security and system performance.

The Visitors of eLearnPOSH.com may contact you either directly or through the portal to know more about your services.

Information Retention

We keep personal information only as long as required, specific to the purposes for which the data was collected. We will delete all your personal information after the data retention period (as per our company policy 6 years from your last login).

Request for Erasure

As a registered user of the External Members section of the portal, you can request for complete erasure of your personal information from the Profile section. You can do that by clicking “Delete profile” from the portal.

Access & Rectification

As a registered user of the External Members section of the portal, you can view and update your information on your Profile section. Your email address will be locked while editing. To update your email address, send a request by email to contact@elearnposh.com.

For Organizations
Service is FREE of COST

eLearnPOSH.com provides you the platform to find External Member profiles of your choice at a single place. This service is completely FREE of cost. eLearnPOSH.com does NOT act as a “middleman” and does NOT charge anything from you in the form of commission or referral fee. eLearnPOSH.com has verified that the contact details provided in the External Member profiles are correct. eLearnPOSH.com does NOT endorse the skills or experience of the External Members in its platform. The Organizations are requested to do their due diligence before they select an External Member.

Acceptance of Terms & Conditions

By using our External Member Directory section of the portal, you agree to these Terms of Service.

eLearnPOSH.com and SUCCEED TECHNOLOGIES are not liable for any damages, material or otherwise resulting out of using this External Member Directory Service. For any further queries or concerns, you can reach us at contact@elearnposh.com or 7259159807.