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Dr. Maria Jessica Sharma

Vadodara, Gujarat

A highly qualified individual with great people skills. I'm a certified trainer for POSH at Work and have been undertaking POSH awareness training sessions for several organizations in Gujarat. I am also on the board of the Internal Committee (IC) for POSH of several organizations in Gujarat.


Organization:   Go Dharmic Welfare Foundation
Languages Known:   English, Hindi, Gujarathi
Additional Details :

I am a versatile and results-driven professional with a solid background in Social Work, HR and CSR. I am seeking to leverage transferable skills into the dynamic social development sector. The following are my areas of strength - Strong interpersonal skills Strong communication and follow-up Strategic Thinking Leadership skills Analytical skills Organization and delegation Mentoring and coaching Presentation Reporting

Qualification: Ph.D (Social Work)
Experience:  3-6 Years
Names of the organizations :
Current serving as EM Hanning Motors Ltd., GAIL India, Linde India Pvt. Ltd., National Sample Survey Organisation (DPO), Bharat Forge Industrial & Technology Ltd, K. C. Mehta and Associates
No. of Organizations as EM : 7

Annual Fee : ₹ 20000
Service Description :

a. Help the organization to be POSH Compliant. b. Help in creating awareness of the Act among the employees. c. Answer questions from the employees and IC members about the implementation of the Act at workplace. d. Supervise the inquiry proceedings of sexual harassment complaints to ensure that they maintain objectivity and follow principles of natural justice. e. Prepare the minutes of the IC meetings and the inquiry proceedings. f. Assist the IC members to prepare the Annual Report.

Inquiry Fee : ₹ 4500 Per Visit
Inquiry Service details or comments :

  1.   Policy Drafting Support
  1.   IC Workshop
  1.   Employee Training
  1.   Annual Report Filing Support
  1.   Legal Support [ Q&A ]
  1.   Inquiry Report Drafting Support
  1.   POSH Audit


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