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Soumya Valeja

Mumbai, Maharashtra

25 Years experienced, highly organized and strategic HR Professional with extensive experience in planning and directing all areas of HR. Certified POSH Trainer & External Member.


Organization:   Freelance HR Consultant
Languages Known:   English, Hindi
Additional Details :

• POSH (Prevention of Sexual Harassment) Trainings, Policy Designing & Implementation.

Qualification: Graduate
Experience:  6+ Years
Names of the organizations :
Current serving as EM
No. of Organizations as EM : 3

Annual Fee : ₹ 50000
Service Description :

1) Constitution of ICC Committee. 2) Procedure of filing a complaint. 3) Procedure of Enquiry under ICC. 4) Explain the Powers of ICC. 5) Action items for Employers and Employees to prevent Sexual Harassment. 6) Procedure on How to settle Sexual Harassment cases.

Inquiry Fee : ₹ 25000 Per Visit
Inquiry Service details or comments :

1) ICC to ensure the Inquiry is completed as per the service rules applicable to the respondent within a time period of 90 days. 2) On Completion of the inquiry, the report to be sent to employers they are mandated to take action on the report within 60 days. 3) Incase of malacious or false complaint the Act provides for the Penalty according to the Service rules. 4) In case the Complaint has not been proved, committee can recommend action in accordance with provision of Service rules.

  1.   Policy Drafting Support
  1.   IC Workshop
  1.   Employee Training
  1.   Inquiry Report Drafting Support
  1.   POSH Audit


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