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Rashmi B Utnal

Bangalore, Karnataka

With over 17 years of cross-sector experience, I'm a seasoned HR strategist who led human capital strategy at couple of organisations. Holding an MBA from IIM Bangalore. I offer services as an External member for PoSH as i had served as Presiding Officer and an External member for few organisations


Organization:   Bzinga Technologies Private Limited
Languages Known:   English, Hindi, Kannada, Tamil
Additional Details :

With over 17 years of cross-sector experience, I'm a seasoned HR strategist who led human capital strategy at Bzinga, an online gaming platform. Holding an MBA from IIM Bangalore and certifications in Strategic HR and People Management, I offer insights into talent and industry best practices. My core competencies include forecasting organizational talent needs, supervising recruitment activities, and devising initiatives to foster employee engagement and enhance internal eNPS. I excel in ensuring efficient handling of all backend HR operational procedures. Passionate about collaborating with individuals and teams, I focus on creating forward-thinking policies and streamlined processes that are fair, sustainable, and adaptable. I champion organizational culture and formulate a robust and distinctive Employee Value Proposition. I have served as the Presiding Officer and an External Member of the Prevention of Sexual Harassment (PoSH) Committees for several organizations in the past. In these roles, I have been responsible for overseeing and ensuring the proper implementation of PoSH policies, conducting fair and thorough investigations of complaints, and providing guidance on best practices for creating a safe and respectful workplace environment. My experience includes developing training programs, facilitating workshops, and offering expert advice on compliance with legal standards. Through my work, I have demonstrated a commitment to fostering a culture of dignity and respect within diverse organizational settings. My mission is to captivate and motivate people professionally and personally, believing in reciprocity and Karma. I'm an avid traveler, culture enthusiast, reader, health-conscious individual, and exploring spirituality through mantra practice.

Qualification: Masters in Business Management in Human Resources
Experience:  6+ Years
Names of the organizations :
Current serving as EM
No. of Organizations as EM : 3

Annual Fee : ₹ 40000
Service Description :

I assist organizations by providing a range of essential services, including: Training and Awareness Programs: I conduct comprehensive training and awareness programs tailored for employees, management, and Internal Committees to educate them on the Prevention of Sexual Harassment (PoSH). These programs aim to foster a safe and respectful workplace by increasing understanding of appropriate behavior, reporting mechanisms, and the legal implications of harassment. Policy Development: I offer expertise in drafting clear, effective, and legally compliant PoSH policies. This involves creating guidelines that outline the organization’s commitment to preventing sexual harassment, the procedures for reporting incidents, and the steps for addressing complaints. Compliance Guidance: I provide detailed guidance to ensure organizations comply with all legal requirements related to PoSH. This includes advising on the establishment and functioning of Internal Committees, helping to maintain accurate records, and preparing for audits and inspections by regulatory authorities. Through these services, I aim to support organizations in building a safe, respectful, and legally compliant work environment.

Inquiry Fee : ₹ 2500 Per Complaint
Inquiry Service details or comments :

  1.   Policy Drafting Support
  1.   IC Workshop
  1.   Employee Training
  1.   Inquiry Report Drafting Support
  1.   POSH Audit


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