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Kiran Duggal

Delhi, Delhi

Council Member -Anti-Sexual Harassment Council at WICCI. Corporate Law Professional having 20+ years of experience in corporate law matters including Company Law matters, FEMA, RBI, NBFC, SEBI, Stock Exchanges, IBBI, Contract Drafting &Vetting, regulatory compliance, liaising with govt.Authorities


Organization:   Self Employed
Languages Known:   English, Hindi, Punjabi
Additional Details :

Was Presiding Officer of IC in my last organisation for 2 years, where in I regularly conducted trainings and awareness programs for the employees on POSH. External Member of IC for last 1.5 yrs. Demonstrated ability to work in fast paced, rapidly changing multi cultural environment, communicate concisely with wide variety of audiences including senior management, business vertices heads, government officials and guiding both in-house and external teams.

Qualification: LLB, PGDPM (Finance & Marketing). BA(Hons) Economics
Experience:  1-3 Years
Names of the organizations :
Current serving as EM
No. of Organizations as EM : 1

Annual Fee : ₹ 25000
Service Description :

Developing and/or vetting and revising the organisation’s Policy as per the provisions of POSH Act, doing awareness programs, workshops and trainings for employees, management and Internal Committee (IC), attending periodical meetings of IC, enquiries for complaints received under POSH, writing and maintaining the minutes of the meetings of IC, preparing and filing the Annual Reports, assisting management and IC for any work related to POSH.

Inquiry Fee : ₹ 10000 Per Visit
Inquiry Service details or comments :

Attending the inquiry proceedings throughout, writing and maintaining minutes of the meetings of IC, recording in writing the statements and explanations of and preparing questionnaire for the complainant, respondent and the witnesses, assisting Presiding Officer in the complete inquiry process, maintaining records related to the complaints, inquiry report drafting along with recommendations of IC for the employer.

  1.   Legal Support [ Q&A ]
  1.   POSH Audit


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