Surekha R

Hyderabad, Telangana

A Human Resources Professional & Seasoned Learning & Development Trainer For Large Corporates & Startups TRAINED 500+ Employees Across IT, ITES, logistics & insurance sectors using fluent English, Hindi & Marathi Ranging from individual contributors to senior manager


Organization:   RiteAlign HR
Languages Known:   English, Hindi, Tamil, Marathi
Additional Details :

Co-facilitated 2 PoSH sessions for a client – 1 as an awareness session for employees , 1 as a session specially for managers. There were 70 participants in each session. Co-facilitated a PoSH TTT with 10 participants in August 2020 with 2 international participants from Saudi Arabia. Researched and understood similar laws in Saudi Arabia. Co-facilitated another PoSH TTT in October 2020

Qualification: MBA - HR
Experience:  Less than 1 Year
Names of the organizations :
Current serving as EM
No. of Organizations as EM : 

Annual Fee : ₹ 10000
Service Description :

PoSH awareness sessions & consultancy on establishing your Internal Committee Be part of your Internal Committee as an external consultant PoSH Workshop for Internal Committee Members PoSH workshop for managers

Inquiry Fee : ₹ 8000 Per Complaint
Inquiry Service details or comments :

  1.   Policy Drafting Support
  1.   IC Workshop
  1.   Employee Training
  1.   Inquiry Report Drafting Support