POSH Webinar for Internal Committee Members

Date and Time: 15th March 2024 | 3:00 PM to 4:30 PM

This is a part of our annual IC subscription to keep Internal Committee members aware of the POSH Act and other regulations.

Join us for an enlightening webinar tailored for Internal Committee (IC) members. Led by industry experts, this session aims to enhance your understanding and effectiveness in handling sensitive matters, ensuring a safer workplace for all.

Discussion Topics:

1. Jurisdiction of Internal Committee - Learning through Scenarios

The jurisdiction of the IC can often present ambiguities, posing challenges for organizations in resolving complaints efficiently. Using real-world scenarios, this webinar will explore how IC aims to clarify these ambiguities. Each scenario will serve as a springboard for discussion on how IC should approach and resolve each situation.
Key Learning Outcomes:


Santhosh KT
Santhosh KT

Founder - eLearnPOSH.com
Subject Matter Expert - Compliance

2. Importance of Examinations and Cross-Examination

Examinations and cross-examinations are pivotal in the investigative process of POSH cases, ensuring fairness and adherence to the principles of natural justice. This section will cover:


Manaswini Mohapatra
Manaswini Mohapatra

Legal Associate, eLearnPOSH.com

Participant Kit:

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