POSH Webinar for Internal Committee Members

Date and Time: 19th July 2024 | 3:00 PM to 4:30 PM

This is a part of our annual IC subscription to keep Internal Committee members aware of the POSH Act and other regulations.

Join us for an enlightening webinar designed specifically for Internal Committee (IC) members. Led by industry experts, this session will enhance your skills and understanding in handling sensitive matters, thus ensuring a safer workplace for all.

Discussion Topics:

1. POSH Inquiries: Expert Techniques for Interviews, Hearings, and Assessing Evidence

In POSH investigations, conducting interviews, holding hearings, and assessing evidence uphold the integrity of the investigation, ensure fairness, and contribute to maintaining a respectful workplace. Interviews are pivotal for fact-finding and provide insights into the incidents, aiding evidence corroboration. Hearings formalize the examination process, allowing for structured case presentations and cross-examinations in line with the principles of natural justice. Assessing evidence meticulously is crucial to establishing the veracity of claims and ensuring that findings comply with legal standards. Soma Sinha, POSH Compliance Advisor, currently serving as an External Member in 10.
organizations will discuss:


Soma Sinha

POSH Compliance Advisor
Diversity & Inclusion Advisor

2. Navigating False Claims and Forged Evidence in POSH Inquiries

Maintaining accuracy in all POSH investigations is fundamental. False allegations and forged documents can severely undermine the credibility of protective mechanisms, damaging reputations and careers irreparably. Proper investigation of claims and evidence is critical to ensure justice—protecting the innocent and penalizing the guilty appropriately. Addressing false claims and forged evidence also shields the organization from potential legal consequences. A robust system is crucial to differentiate between false and genuine complaints, preventing miscarriages of justice. Maya Sreenivasan, Subject Matter Expert from eLearnPOSH.com, will cover:


Maya Sreenivasan

Subject Matter Expert - eLearnPOSH.com

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